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The Origins of Fascism and Contemporary Implications.

A century ago, the nations of the world were at each other’s throats. Though peace and normalcy eventually regained a footing for a time, less than two decades would pass before the whole thing collapsed again into violent chaos. The first World War provided the conditions in which ideology metastasized into intolerance which, in turn, was institutionalized in the Second World War. In the present day, the hallmarks of that age-old intolerance are not only visible, but loudly ascendant. The trappings of any coherent or structured ideology, on the other hand, seem conspicuously absent. Anger, Fear, Paranoia, and Prejudice are not the sound basis of any rational philosophy of government, but history routinely demonstrates their unmatched utility in the toolboxes of tyrants looking for popular sanction in pursuit of absolute power.

The funny thing about absolute power is that it does not require an ideology to guide it, nor does it often permit an ideology to constrain it. Such power is…

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